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Dakota Fit

Do you need to install dressing rooms within your retail space? If so, then you should consider Dakota Fit from Dakota Systems Manufacturing. Dakota Fit modular fitting rooms are super-easy to install; almost anyone can do it!


All Dakota Fit modular fitting rooms arrive at your location KD (Knocked Down) and ready to be installed. Call 631-249-5811 or 1-877-9DAKOTA to learn more. Don't forget to ask us about our fast global shipping options.

Dakota Fit Modular Fitting Rooms are the Perfect Solution

You can install five to six units in a day with one easy step versus the four or five steps you'll need for sheet rock dressing rooms just by replacing your sheet rock with Dakota Fit. Plus, there's no need to hire five guys to do the job of two!

Save time and money over sheet rock

1-year warranty and FREE estimates are available

Everything built to meet codes!

Call today to ask about the volume discount and save time and money when you install Dakota Fit.



  • No spackling

  • No taping

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  • No framing

  • No painting

Dakota fitting room